Nuratrim: Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects, Where to Buy; and More

In our previous posts, we’ve talked about several multi-faceted weight-loss supplements such as PhenQTea-Tone Plus and S-recipes; for you to gauge and compare them with Phen375, so that you can make a better decision on which supplement to use. Now, I’m going to review another multi-function, natural supplement which claims to help people to lose weight – Nuratrim.

A bottle of NuratrimOver here, you can find overview and reviews on Nuratrim such as what it is, benefits, how it works, ingredients, side effects, dosing, the related scam, where to buy, and much more.

What is Nuratrim?

Nuratrim is a 4 in 1 natural dietary supplement for weight loss. It aids both men and women to lose excess weight as well as controlling their appetite.

It can help you reduce appetite, increase metabolism, burn fat and calories. It is made using a special formulation of pure ingredients, including thermogenic properties to naturally stimulate the body’s metabolism by mimicking the effects of physical activity.

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Does Nuratrim work

The seller claims that this multi-faceted supplement works. To support the assertion, they prove it with a clinical study involving 65 patients conducted over an eight-week period, found Nuratrim reduced appetite by 78%, increased metabolism by 35% and burned an additional 20% of fat. 90% of those participants lost a minimum of 14 pounds, without even changing their diet and lifestyle!

Research also showed that one pill taken in the morning burns 15 times more calories throughout the day or an extra of 280 calories more than most of the normal diet pills.

How does it work

Nuratrim works through the ingredients contained in the pills. It works in 4 distinct ways to cause weight loss i.e. reduces appetite, increases metabolism, burns fat, and boosts energy levels.

  • Reduce appetite to cut down calorie intake

The Glucomannan ingredient in the pill absorbs fluid in the stomach and swells making it full. As a consequence, you’ll feel “full” faster and this stays for a longer period – about 3-4 hours. This reduces your need to eat (and snack) thus lowering the calorie intake.

  • Increase metabolism to burn more fat

Licorice extract boosts the breakdown of fat and converts it into energy. In addition, the blend of capsicum extract, caffeine, piperine, and niacin in Nuratrim pills works to heat up the body, increase the resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure to burn more carbohydrates and fat as energy source.

These actions of limiting the calorie intake coupled with the using up of more stored body fat will naturally cause a deficit in the body fat mass, leading to weight loss.

Expected weight loss results

The expected weight loss result with Nuratrim varies, depending on a few factors such as health condition, age, and gender. In general, the more extra fat mass a person carries; the faster and more fat he or she will lose.

slimmed down

For those who have a lot of fat to lose, they can expect to shed up to 4lbs in the first week, and gradually reducing to about 2 pounds a week thereafter. The weight loss results reported by users averaging at 2-3lbs per week. Those who use it in combination with diet plans and exercises achieved better results.

Nuratrim benefits

  • Unique formula that really works to help you lose weight
  • Starts working right away
  • Scientifically proven to cause weight loss
  • Helps in weight management
  • Contributes to reduce the appetite
  • Cuts your calorie intake by almost 20%
  • Boosts the metabolic rate by up to 12 times
  • The ability to burn fat easily
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Safe, effective, natural
  • No known side effects

Secrets of success

Why is it so effective? Nuratrim’s effectiveness and its secrets of success are mainly due to the special formulation of its ingredients.


Nuratrim ingredients as labelled at the bottle

The ingredients used in Nuratrim are glucomannan extract, green coffee extract, capsicum extract, and liquorice extract.

What are the roles of these substances in weight loss?

Glucomannan extract is the key ingredient of Nuratrim. It acts as appetite suppressant. It swells in the stomach, making you user feel full; thus cutting down your food intake. This substance also slows down digestion and delays the absorption of glucose, thereby lowering your body’s cholesterol level.

Green coffee extract contains chlorogenic acid, a compound which works to reduce the absorption and utilisation of glucose from the diet; both contributing to the body mass and body fat reduction, leading to weight loss.

Capsicum Extract – Capsicum contains capsaicin which is clinically proven to be very effective in speeding up metabolism, digestion, as well as burn fat. Oral intake of capsaicin may increase the production of heat by your body, and break down carbohydrates. It also works to regulate your blood sugar levels and increase your blood circulation.

Liquorice is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to “harmonize” the other ingredients in the formula, as well as to detoxify the digestive system. Recent scientific tests have shown that intake of liquorice extract helps to decrease LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol which causes the blockages of atherosclerosis) levels, as well as to boost metabolism. The licorice extract encourages the fat burning in your body and preserves your health condition during its use in the slimming process.

Ingredients of Nuratrim – Medical tests

The main ingredients used to produce this supplement have gone through many clinical tests.

In a clinical study conducted at the University of Oklahoma, it was found that the blend of Nuratrim ingredients works to increase resting metabolic rate, energy expenditure, as well as burn carbohydrates and fat. As a result, this diet product was shown to help participants burn an average of 278 more calories than before, during and after an hour of treadmill exercising.

A clinical study result published in Obesity Research and Clinical Practice showed that participants who took 200mg of licorice extract daily for 8 weeks experienced noteworthy decreases in body fat, body weight, body mass index, and LDL cholesterol levels.

A clinical study conducted by Dr. Joe Vinson from the University of Scranton, found that in 22 weeks, participants who took, by turns, a low dose of green coffee bean extract, a high dose of the supplement, and a placebo; lost an average of 17.5 pounds and reduced their overall body weight by 10.5%. Abstract from PMID: 6096282.

An eight-week double-blind trial was conducted to test purified glucomannan fiber as a food supplement in 20 obese subjects. Glucomannan fiber (from konjac root) or placebo was given in 1-g doses (two 500 mg capsules) with 8 oz water, 1 h prior to each of three meals per d. Subjects were instructed not to change their eating or exercise patterns. Results showed a significant mean weight loss (5.5 lbs) using glucomannan over an eight-week period. Serum cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol were significantly reduced (21.7 and 15.0 mg/dl respectively) in the glucomannan treated group. No adverse reactions to glucomannan were reported.

Is it safe to take?

This supplement is claimed to be safe for consumption as the scientific tests it possesses showed that all the ingredients used to produce the pills are safe for consumption. This can be viewed as it will not cause any serious side effects, provided you follow the dosing instructions set out by the manufacturer or your doctor.

However, please note that no one compound in any weight-loss pills is 100% safe to use; and the substances contained in Nuratrim pills are no exception. This is because consumers with diverse health conditions and age group may react differently to the effects of such ingredients.

Take for example excessive consumption of glycyrrhizinic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid in liquorice extract can cause side effects like hypokalaemia and hypertension. Also, taking Glucomannan without drinking enough water may risks choking and/or blockage of the throat, esophagus or intestine. In addition, the large amount of capsicum intake may cause a burning sensation in the stomach, as well as lead to the unwanted stool inconsistency.

It is advisable that you consult your GP before taking Nuratrim, to find out if it is safe for you to take this product.

Side effects

During the clinical tests, Nuratrim was found to be safe and have no side effects. At the time or writing this page, there are still no serious side effects of this product being documented.

However, all weight-loss pills may cause side effects and so can Nuratrim. For instance, the ingredient green coffee contains caffeine which can cause insomnia in some people. In actual fact, a few users have complained that they experienced sleeping difficulty side effect after taking the pills. Other reported effects were increased body temperature and hot flushes.

Are these side effects dangerous?

The impacts of these side effects on users differ, depending on different factors such as the ability of the body to tolerate with this product, health condition, age, and dosage.

In general, body temperature increased and hot flushes are very minor symptoms and the effects are not dangerous at all as they can be treated fairly easily. However, as soon as these negative forces are felt, proper care must be used to take care of them; to prevent them from being transformed into dangerous, life-threatening events.

To date, thousands of users have successfully lost weight with nuratrim; and we have not seen any reports on the negative effects having done any harm to anybody.

The possible causes of these side effects

The ingredients used in the pills, inability to tolerate with the effects of this supplement, and overdosing can lead to adverse effects in users.

Side effects that are possibly caused by the ingredients

Even though Nuratrim is said to be made of natural ingredients that are safe for consumption, but depending on specific situations, these ingredients could more or less cause some side effects.

When taken in excess, both the glycyrrhizinic and glycyrrhetinic acids in liquorice extract lowers the potassium levels in the bloodstream, which end up causing a small elevation of blood pressure.

Green coffee extract contains caffeine. Those people who cannot tolerate well with this element might experience faster heart rate and sleep disorder.

Capsicum extract is used to speed up metabolic rate for the body to burn more fat. This process will in effect increase body temperature, followed by a feeling of intense heat with sweating and rapid heartbeat.

Glucomannan extract swells in the stomach and makes the dieter feel full. Excessive consumption of this substance can lead to loss of appetite.

Other possible causes

Dosing in excess of the recommended dosage (1 tablet a day) will eventually defeat the body system’s tolerance level of this product, leading to some various types of unbearable reactions. The excessive increase in the metabolic rate due to the stimulating effects of the pills can cause an increase in body temperature, causing hot flushes.

Dealing with the bad effects

To avoid or minimise the risks brought about by the negative effects, or dealing with the side effects; you should:

1) Consult your doctor before taking the pills, to seek advice whether you can tolerate well with this product.
2) Buy Nuratrim from the proper source to ensure getting the genuine product that works properly.
3) Follow strictly on the dosing instructions and make sure you do not overdose.
4) Drink plenty of water after taking the pills. Drinking enough water can calm the body temperature and hot flushes.
5) Never consume pills that are not properly stored.
6) Do not take expired pills.
7) If you suffer any one or more side effects of nuratrim (as listed above, but the list may not be definitive) that makes you feel uncomfortable, consult with your general practitioner immediately.

How to avoid the adverse EFFECTS

To avoid the unwanted effects, consult your doctor before taking the pills. It is especially more important for you to do so if you have the following conditions such as heart problems, insomnia, hypertension. This will help you to eliminate the chances of suffering from the contraindications problems.

Dosing and administration

Nuratrim dosing and administration instructions

  • Take one capsule per day each morning with breakfast and a glass of 0.25 liters (8 ounces) water
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage
  • Do not use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Keep sealed and store in a cool dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children

Who should not use

Even though Nuratrim is claimed to be suitable for males and females above the age of 16, the manufacturer advises pregnant or breastfeeding ladies to avoid using this product. Also, individuals with heart conditions are advised to consult the GP before taking the pills.

Nuratrim Scam

As of to date, we have not come across any scam related to this product. However, this does not mean there is nobody out there secretly planning to rip you off.

If you want to make sure that you won’t end up getting cheated, you have to really know where to buy the original product.

Where to buy

Nuratrim is only available to buy via online purchase. In order to avoid falling into any scams, as well as reaping all the benefits provided by the manufacturer such as promotions and discounts, we advise you to buy this product directly from the official seller –